So you got a thing for horsepower...


AMMO's very own Wolfpac Racing Series is an exciting drag racing series among club members in their own modern Mopars. This is entirely setup to make sure everybody from the first-timer to the seasoned track veteran all have a great time at the track. There is simply no better or safer place to see what your modern Mopar can do and we have plenty of club members that are more than happy to help if you have little or even no track experience. Everybody is welcome to join us at the track, whether you just come to hang out and watch the action, or if you are looking to put your ride on the track and burn some rubber.


For detailed information, please click on the link below for a full explanation of FAQ's and rules for the Wolfpac Racing Series.




Wolfpac Racing Hall of Champions

2018 - Steven Weaver
2017 - Kyle Fischer
2016 - Kyle Fischer
2015 - Kyle Fischer


The Wolfpac List


The Wolfpac List is a running annual list of the fastest cars competing in the Wolfpac Racing Series. Since the series is based on bracket racing, you don't have to be the fastest (or even fast at all) to compete, as the series is just a competition of who is the most consistent. But that doesn't stop us from also keeping a side list of who has laid down the fastest passes of the season... hence, The Wolfpac List was born. Complete with all of the bragging rights that come with it. Any Wolfpac racer can submit their best time of the year in consideration for the list after they have completed two legs of the Wolfpac Racing Series. We keep three different lists... Boosted / Naturally Aspirated / V6.


2019 Wolfpac List coming soon…



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